Automatic check

The RPi image contains a tool for automatic checking the correctness of all the settings and subsystems of the drone –

It is generally a good idea to perform this check before flight, especially before an autonomous one.

In order to run it, enter the following command in the Raspberry Pi console:

rosrun clever

Description of some checks:

  • FCU – checks for proper connection with the flight controller;
  • IMU – checks whether the data from from IMU is sane;
  • Local position – checks presence of local position data;
  • Velocity estimation – checks whether drone velocity estimation is sane(autonomous flight is not to be performed if this check fails!);
  • Global position (GPS) — checks for presence of global position data (GPS module is required for this check);
  • Camera — checks for proper operation of the Raspberry camera.
  • ArUco — checks whether ArUco detection is working
  • VPE — checks whether VPE data is published
  • Rangefinder — checks whether rangefinder data is published

Pay attention on the checks marked with WARN sign. If necessary, contact Copter Express technical support.

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